“According to data collected by Promise Keepers and Baptist Press, if a father does not go to church, even if his wife does, only 1 child in 50 will become a regular worshiper. If a father goes regularly, regardless of what the mother does, between two-thirds and three-quarters of their children will attend church as adults. If a father attends church irregularly, between half and two-thirds of their kids will attend church with some regularity as adults.

We have to get fathers back into the church, my heart aches for this.

We’re always looking for ways to bring men back, it’s interesting to find that it might be as simple as making church more manly, more interesting for a man’s needs and comfort. I’m finding that churches have been leaning more gender neutral, and for men leading, most men want to be involved with men, not other women.

The Lord is putting me in touch with young men in my travels that shed light on what is going on in the young generation, and showing clues as to why this is happening. It all leads back to poor leadership of the head of the household.”

– John Sickmeier

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