Wow it’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since the last D6 Conference in Dallas.  David and I are excited this year to be accompanied by a new friend to Faith At Home Ministries, David Batty, from Graceland Church in Camdenton, MO.  In addition there are two more couples we will meet up with at the conference, who are New Tribers and also attend Graceland.   Wow, God’s word for loving Him and passing this on to our families is like starting a wild fire.

This year at D6, Dennis Rainey, of Family Life out of Arkansas, will be a keynote speaker.  Dennis is no newcomer to family faith life.  In his book Stepping Up, he speaks to our older generation about not retiring from God’s work, but being the ones to help, come alongside, and speak truth and encouragement into the lives of the younger mom’s and dads on their journey to raising God-believing children.  Looking with anticipation to what God is going to say through this seasoned believer.

This year’s theme is ABIDE.  Judging from last year I believe God has us still in the book of John to glean more of what He wants us to learn about our intimacy with Him.  Afterall, how are we going to pass something on to our children if we don’t have it ourselves.  So it’s important that we spend quality time in His presence daily.  I’m sure from this conference we will come away inspired to do that with vigilance.

It’s not so difficult–we just have to plunge in moms and dads somewhere with our kids on this road of faith.  We were delighted last night, when at a friend’s house, we got to participate  in a special prayer time with a mom and dad and their 2 year old, while 2 month old baby brother slept.  The mom called her son to sit on her lap (after teeth brushing) and reminded him it was time for prayer.  Very simply she bowed her head and reminded him what things had happened that very day that they could thank God for, including thunder and rain, little brother, having grandma come over to visit and having us come over for dinner and to play. Each of us added something.  His eyes were open but he heard adults saying “Thank you God for…” He understood this is a special time when we talk to God and thank Him for all those things he blessed us with that day.  And he mimicked her and tried to say things to God.  And the young mother got that idea of a prayer time with her toddler from Mark Holman’s book Faith Begins at Home Mom.  What a beautiful thing–I’m sure God was even more blessed than we can imagine.  Someone He loved enough to die for is teaching their children about Him and His great love.  That’s Faith At Home !


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