My fiancé and I have already learned so much from the Love and Respect class. It's amazing how different our needs are, as well as how we communicate/interpret things. I highly recommend L&R for any married, engaged, dating couple or singles as well. If you have a significant other, take this class!

David Livingston Jr.

You guys are awesome! Sara and I really enjoyed the Love and Respect class. It challenged us and has helped our marriage and communication a lot. I recommend anyone that doesn't have a perfect marriage take the class.

Tim Badolato

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Different people on Love and Respect

Just finished 29th Love and Respect class--this one at Parkview Christian Church in Sedalia. Loved their feedback. One young woman said she recognized the crazy cycle this week and got off of it. Pastor said he liked when Emererson talked about how we gals can start videdo tapping the guys after they walk off and won't talk to us--but we are clueless to the fact--that they are walking off because they felt disrespected by us. One woman said, my husband and I are kinda different, I'm the one who walks off and he's the one who tries to get me to talk. But, I land on love (walked off when I felt unloved); he lands on respect (tries to get me to talk to him cuz he felt disrespected). It was a great class! We will miss seeing them!

David and Sheila