We had an awesome time in Louisville this year at D6–which is no surprise–it’s a highlight of each year.  But before getting to the conference,  we attended the amazing Creation Museum outside of Cinncinati. Wow what fun to go through Ken Ham’s wonderful presentations of creation, dinasaurs, stars and constellations,  and New and Old Testament scenes.  And by next year they will have a life-size representation of Noah’s Ark–12 buses long, 10 buses wide and 4 buses high.  We spent about 3 hours there, but with your pass you’re allowed to come back the next day and enjoy each day from 10-6 pm.  Also they have 3 ziplines and a Japanese garden plus a great coffee bar and a really good cafeteria.

This year we tried the D6 conference in KY, since we had been to Dallas the past two years.  We met up with friends from Lake Ozark, Melanie and John Kerstetter, as well as New Tribers, Denny Johnson and Sherry.  Some of the highlights of this 1200 person conference were gigantic bean bag chairs to sit on during the conference; hearing Dr Dobson speak, receiving standing ovations coming and going from stage; Shane and Shane lead in worship which was wonderful. There were scores of ministry booths and autographed books by the authors such as,  Tim Kimmel (Grace Based Parenting), Rob Renoew (Visionary Parenting and Visionary Marriage), Mark Holman (Faith Begins at Home) and many other speakers for 2 days.  We left feeling really filled up and looking forward to bringing a bus load of people with us next year, as well as, taking what we learned and  sharing in different venues the rich nuggets we received about being spiritually intentional as parents and grand parents.  The conference was especially meaningful this year since we had just come back from California staying with our 3 grandchildren (15, 13, 10) while their parents were on a vacation without them.  It was great sharing some of the things we’ve learned from Faith at Home and D6.  And we even got to go on a Mission Trip to Tecate, Mexico with the kids and grands and help 30 other prople build a house in 13 hours for a little family there.

Wow what an amazing time we had this Sept 10 to Oct 20 !!  Thank you Lord!

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